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We provide solutions and platforms that are safe, secured and convenient. Empower your clients and automate your transactions with ease.

Collections and Direct Debit

Collect all recurring payments like taxes, levies, dues, license fees, contributions, & loans repayment in one place.
Automatically debit your customers' accounts daily, weekly or monthly.
Empower your business to collect funds and customise the experience with CapiCollect.
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Transfer, Airtime and Data APIs

Our transfer API infrastructure empowers platforms to move funds from wallet to wallets and to any commercial bank.
Our value added services API is available with little or no cost
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Integrate and simplify multiple office functions in one place
Automate Payroll, View Bank Balance
HR Solutions, Quality Customer Relationship Management
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Payments Gateway

Our payment engine allows merchants to receive payments from subscribers, customers and users. Keep your business in order and keep it simple including how you get paid with our payments API.
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So, Why Capiflex?

As safe as a Lock

Relax, we provide solutions and platforms that are safe, secured and convenient. Best part, your customers enjoy faster payment experience as in the blink of an eye.

Eliminate Losses

We are better at eliminating losses with improved efficiency associated with payments and collections.

Trusted Data

You are in control of your payments, customers and personnel data.

With you in mind

There is something for everyone with CapiFlex and when you are in doubt, there can always be something customised for you.


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